Astro and Discovery Co-Produce ‘Star Vs Food Malaysia’, Local Cooking Reality Show with Strong Line Up of Stars and Celebrity Chefs


Astro and Discovery Networks present new cooking reality show, Star Vs Food Malaysia, boasting a power-packed line-up of star-studded Malaysian celebrities paired with well renowned chefs which was premiered on 16 April on PRIMEtime (Ch 704). The localised cooking reality show is based on an original Discovery format ‘Star Vs Food’, which enjoyed a successful season 1 in India.

Sharmin Parameswaran, Vice President, International Business, Astro

Sharmin Parameswaran, Vice President, International Business, Astro, said, “We are excited to continue on our co-production path with Discovery to present the premiere of Star Vs Food Malaysia. As we continue investing in and growing our slate of localised formats relevant to our audience, we are also pleased to work with more local talents and production teams including Creative Stew, strengthening our position as the leading local entertainment destination. Following our earlier co-productions with Discovery for local gardening show, Green Crashers and local food review series, BEST.EVER., which garnered good reviews and strong viewership, we hope customers will also enjoy the exchange of talent, humour and teamwork between chefs and celebrities in Star Vs Food Malaysia.”

Vikram Channa, Vice President, Head of Content and Products, South East Asia, Discovery, says: “Discovery is thrilled to extend its collaboration with Astro with the announcement of three new series that champion local storytelling, creativity and talent. These original Discovery formats reflect our renowned reputation for quality entertainment, as well as our commitment to bringing more locally-relevant content to audiences.”

Salad Plating by Alice Amin, Datuk Aznil Haji Nawawi and Chef Melba Nunis

This 10-episode series presents a unique cooking show concept where the celebrities explore and learn recipes by chefs as well as the necessary food preparation in a simple and interesting ways. Star Vs Food Malaysia features popular local celebrities paired with renowned celebrity chefs: Alif Satar and Datuk Aznil Haji Nawawi; Bront Palarae and Dato’ Chef Ismail; Sherry Alhadad and Chef Adu Amran; Alicia Amin and Chef Florence Tan; Che Puan Juliana Evans and Chef Najib Hamid; Hisyam Hamid and Dato’ Chef Fazley Yaakob; Datin Lisa Surihani and Chef Melba Nunis; Daiyan Trisha and Chef Fadzly Che Omar; Thanuja Ananthan and Chef Yogi; and Joanne Kam and Chef Nazri Jameson.

Star Vs Food Malaysia sees chaos ensuing in the kitchen, as the celebrities struggle to whip up delicious cuisine and try to hone their craft. Speaking about the show, Bront Palarae said in a statement, “The experience of cooking Tempoyak and Gulai Daun Pucuk Paku was unparalleled as I was on the knife’s edge this time unlike enjoying my meal in the restaurant. I was nervous but Chef Ismail’s passion encouraged me and helped my confidence grow. In the promo, you can see I was struggling to manually peel the coconut husk to get the grated coconut for dishes and the experience is priceless.”

Group photo of Sharmin Parameswaran, Vice President of International Business, Astro, Abid Hussien, Director of Creative Stew, Chaz Kim, Head of Co-Production Content of Discovery and chefs and celebrities from Star Vs Food Malaysia

Star Vs Food Malaysia premieres every Saturday and Sunday at 12pm on PRIMEtime (Ch 704) and can be streamed on Astro GO and On Demand.

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