Celebrating Excellence: Highlights From The Anugerah Personaliti Industri Dan Usahawan Malaysia 2024


The Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC) has celebrated the achievement of 50 entrepreneurs at the awards night organised by the NiagaTimes media portal, the Anugerah Personaliti Industri dan Usahawan Malaysia 2024.

The Deputy Minister, Yang Berhormat Datuk Ramanan Ramakrishnan, attended as the guest of honour to inaugurate and present awards at the prestigious event.

In his opening speech, he stated that such programmes aim to encourage entrepreneurs to pursue excellence in business and foster entrepreneurial spirit among themselves.

He added that this program indirectly creates a platform for local companies, both new and old, with potential to gain attention on a larger scale.

There were a total of 10 award categories represented by 50 companies and individuals receiving awards at the event. Among the award categories that day were ‘Company of the Year’, ‘Outstanding SME’, professional firms, ‘Food & Beverage’, technological innovation, industrial leadership, best companies, women in business, and many more.

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For the Anugerah Institusi Kewangan Mikro Terbaik, the recipient was Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia. This financial institution, also known as AIM, was selected based on its excellence in fulfilling its mission to empower human capital for micro and new entrepreneurs nationwide. Moreover, the organisation also disbursed a large loan amount of RM2.6 billion to 320,000 entrepreneurs last year. Due to this excellence, AIM’s Managing Director, Mohamed Shamir bin Abdul Aziz, was also honoured as the sole recipient of the Anugerah Ikon Kepimpinan Nasional.

Another top award recipient, the ‘Company of the Year’ award, was presented to TenQ Group Sdn Bhd. This giant company offering a variety of creative interior decoration services not only possesses expertise in exclusive design and renovation involving residential and commercial offices but also excels in rapid growth due to being the only interior decoration service company in Malaysia to apply warranties to its customers. The company’s sales value reached RM40 million in 2023.

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Other award recipients included Datuk Baharom bin Embi (Chairman of Co-opbank Pertama); Rizman Ruzaini; De Fam; Wayout Solution Sdn Bhd; Kedai Kopi Tan Kow Po; Raagineedhevi Subramaniam; Nur Shyzul Ardieyana Binti Julkili; RD Digital Berhad; P & A Prospect Sdn Bhd; Nexgen Solutions Sdn Bhd; Renata Health World Sdn Bhd; Ang Kean Yong; Madeena Bedding Industries (M) Sdn Bhd; House of Bricks KL; Delicious Curry House Sdn Bhd; Datin Dr Norli Binti Haji Alias; Maydas Enterprise; Dr Lau Kian Hong; IOE Cams Sdn Bhd; Datuk Vellayan Nalliannan; Redefined Mortgage Specialist Sdn Bhd; Sanwa Tours (M) Sdn Bhd; Janahan Arumugam; Motion Digital Technologies; Qaabila Skincare; and Raja Shamri Bin Raja Husin.

De Fam entertains the night

Also present at the event were the Chief Executive Officer of RHA Media, Dato’ R. Rajendran, and the Chairman of CSR Malaysia, Lee Seng Chee.

NiagaTimes, a preferred business media portal for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), organised the Anugerah Personaliti Industri dan Usahawan Malaysia 2024 with the theme ‘Usahawan Berinspirasi Cetus Revolusi’. This award not only aims to recognise the excellence of MSMEs from various backgrounds but also appreciates all their efforts in the country’s economic development.

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