Wilson Low founded Wilstech IT Smart Solution with the aim and passion to provide IT related services to customers. In an interview with Top 10 of Malaysia, Low shares about the importance of IT in this current generation and the services his company provides.

12 years ago, Wilson Low could not have imagined himself starting his own IT company as he has no experience in IT. However, it proved to be not a hindrance for Low when he established his own company in 2016. “After I graduated, I worked in customer service and slowly got involved in operations. In 2016, I set up Wilstech IT Smart Solution enterprise, while still working with my earlier company,” says Low. Initially, the company dealt with supplying hardware, workstations, and laptops for only government sectors and corporations. “We moved our focus to websites, applications and systems after receiving numerous requests from customers.”

“IT is very important and we are also looking into AI technology as it should be the next big thing in Malaysia.”

Low credits the success of his company to the collaboration he has with his partner. Low’s experience in operations is the key to better understand his clients’ wants and needs. “Not many people understand IT languages, so we need to use layman terms to guide and show them how we can solve their problems,” says the bubbly Low.

The company now builds customised websites, mobile apps, operating systems and more, depending on customers’ requirements. “We don’t have our in-house products, because we are a software house. So, we cater to requests that are software-based. Besides, we also provide office measurement solution for all the SMEs and also help clients install firewall for offices or schools.”

Wilstech has come a long way from being a 1-man team to their current 12-people team. Last year, a branch was set up in Johor Bahru as most of its clients hail from Johor and Singapore. “We were trying to set up another branch in Penang but had to put the brakes on it due to the pandemic.” Low adds that they are trying to penetrate into the Indonesian and Taiwanese markets. They also look forward to set up offices in the northern and eastern part of Malaysia. “IT is very important and we are also looking into AI technology as it should be the next big thing in Malaysia. That’s my 5 to 10 years’ plan. My final goal is to get my company listed,” says the visionary Low.


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