Diivek Suppiah, the young founder of DS Glow Homes Sdn Bhd, is making waves in the real estate industry with his innovative approach to property rental management. In an interview with Top 10 of Malaysia, Diivek shares his journey from being a part-time property manager to starting his own company and his vision to transform the rental market. With his unique business model, Diivek aims to provide property owners with higher rental returns and hassle-free management. 

Diivek Suppiah entered the real estate industry at the age of 18 while studying for his foundation in arts at Sunway University. He developed an interest in the property field while working part-time at a property management company. In 2019, he freelanced at another property management company, focusing on renting individual rooms, which broadened his knowledge of the industry beyond sales and rentals. “With the knowledge I had gained, I partnered with my co-founder, Wong Joo Kim to establish DS Glow. Our concept was to take units from property owners, renovate and rent them out by rooms. We would handle all aspects of marketing, tenant sourcing and monthly management. While we do take a certain percentage for our services, the room rental return is higher than renting out the whole unit, providing property investors and owners with increased rental income.”

Diivek started his entrepreneurial journey with a single unit in Ara Damansara in 2020. “I managed the startup and took care of tasks like cleaning and preparing the rooms for tenants. The pandemic presented challenges due to rental fluctuations but in May 2020, the company was incorporated and we experienced a significant breakthrough. Through a Zoom meeting with owners and investors of a new condominium, we secured 30 units for renovation and management. Currently, we oversee over 100 units in the Klang area and are actively seeking opportunities to expand into other locations. We also manage Airbnb properties, providing owners with monthly reports on occupancy and rental income.”

Diivek Suppiah

“One of the key factors that contributed to the company’s success is teamwork,” says Diivek who is currently pursuing a degree in real estate management and auction. “After finishing my degree, I will undergo a two-year probationary period and attend interviews to further my career. My main objective is to expand our presence in various aspects of the property industry, including property valuation, property agency, property management and also becoming an auctioneer. I want to educate people about the diverse opportunities within the property sector as most individuals are only familiar with buying, selling and renting properties.”

DS Glow specialises in identifying newly-built condominiums and works with owners to secure units for investment purposes. “We offer services such as defect checking and renovations to enhance the units based on the owner’s preferences and budget. Detailed quotations and professional video shoots are prepared to effectively market the units and attract tenants,” shares Diivek. “Once a suitable tenant is found, we provide ongoing monthly services and manage all aspects of the tenancy. Owners can have peace of mind by signing a minimum three-year contract with DS Glow, as we take care of the utilities, service charges, maintenance and tenant turnover concerns.” 

“Throughout this journey, failures were not uncommon but giving up was never an option. Handling clients with their varied perspectives and opinions, proved to be a significant challenge,” he says. “By adopting a respectful and empathetic communication approach, we were able to foster understanding.”

Diivek aspires to have 10,000 units scattered across Malaysia, and eventually expand globally. “I believe in the concept of room rentals, as it provides an affordable option for individuals who cannot afford to rent an entire unit. I aim to educate property owners and investors about the potential of room rentals in generating higher rental income. By offering comprehensive services, such as cleaning services and property maintenance, we ensure that the properties under our management are well taken care of,” he adds.

“I firmly believe in starting young and embracing the challenges that come with it. Taking risks is essential for growth, as failures along the way ultimately make us stronger. Many young entrepreneurs hesitate to embark on their entrepreneurial journey due to financial concerns. However, it’s important to recognise that not all businesses require significant capital. All you need is a compelling idea and a clear understanding of your interests and qualifications. Becoming an entrepreneur allows you to discover your true self. Trust your instincts and believe in your capabilities.”


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