Three years ago, Jennyfer Ong Ai Lian made her first foray into the real estate industry and has successfully created a name for herself in the supposedly male-dominated industry. In an interview with Top 10 of Malaysia, the winner of the Rookie Real Estate Negotiator of The Year 2022 in the recent National Real Estate Awards, Jennyfer Ong Ai Lian talks about her journey as a real estate negotiator and the challenges she encountered. 

“I started my career as an operations and administrative support role for 13 years before I joined the real estate industry as a negotiator,” shares Jennyfer Ong Ai Lian. “Throughout my career, I have ventured into the services, health products and banking industry.”

Jennyfer decided to be a real estate negotiator due to her passion and love for the real estate business. “I love working in this field. In addition to looking for good properties for myself, I wish to be of great service to others and help them to be able to own their property too,” she says. “I believe that there is always opportunity for all genders to have a career in every industry. What’s important is that we do our best by providing value in our respective jobs. As a mum of 3 kids, I really love the flexibility of the working hours and it is also a privilege to get to meet all kinds of people in the real estate career journey. There is no fixed monthly income but the sky is the limit as it is a highly rewarding career path, although a very challenging one as well.” 

Despite her exuberance and being successful in the field, she is still facing challenges. “The cost of advertising is constantly increasing and it gets more and more challenging to reach out to potential customers,” shares Jennyfer. “On top of that, with the current economic situation, it is slightly more difficult for potential house owners to obtain a bank loan these days.”

“Women who work in every field have proven their capabilities to the world, regardless of whether they are in the corporate world, finance, politics or even in real estate. We are determined to make a mark in any industry of interest,” she says. “Women house owners and women who are in the midst of deciding to purchase houses are also increasing. Hence, the field of real estate requires more women entrepreneurs and also women in general to take on leadership roles.”

Jennyfer has a very supportive husband and he is one of the contributors to her success. “He is the man behind the scene who encourages me to do my best and even go beyond my limits. He motivates me to go the extra mile to be the best version of me as a real estate negotiator. His unconditional support is what moulded me to be who I am today,” says Jennyfer.

One valuable lesson that Jennyfer learned from her success is to be truthful and sincere. “Once you find your niche, you would want to imagine yourself selling a product that you yourself would want to buy,” she says. “Real estate negotiators play a very important role in assisting home buyers to make important decisions. Possessing a professional image and integrity is of upmost importance in sustaining a career in real estate. There is always a chance for a business referral for those who earned the trust of their clients.”

“To all the women who are interested to start a career in real estate, you would need to be passionate about the industry and be ready for a roller coaster career. Lifestyle changes are also required and if your finances are sufficient to sustain you for the next 6 to 12 months, you are ready to take on the challenge,” says Jennyfer. “Look for your niche and put your focus on it. If you’re in real estate or sales, it is all about the numbers. Try your best to achieve the numbers you targeted and be persistent,” advises Jennyfer. 


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