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  • App to provide a platform for budding chefs to share and monetise their unique recipes
  • Eco-Pack ingredients delivery concept to enable cooks to earn at least 85% revenue of each sale made
  • The Pre-order features allow Creator-Partners to pre-set availability of their selling date/periods and take orders up to 13 days in advance, catering to any type of business model

Whether you are an aspiring chef or a seasoned home cook, whether you are simply looking to share your recipes or sell your immaculately prepared dishes – CookX Asia, the new social cooking app, that allows users to not only discover new recipes but also able to buy pre-pack ingredients kit from the recipes.

The brand new app is looking to grow its base of cooks and chefs in preparation for its official launch in May. Towards this end, CookX Asia has unveiled a slew of features, functions and benefits all targeted at benefiting what they term on the platform as the Creator-Partners.

Through the app these Creator-Partners will be able to share recipes, upload instructional videos, grow their popularity and even earn income.

Commenting on the app’s functionality, the founder of CookX Asia, Wong Yew Mun said, “Malaysia is home to so many incredible kitchen maestros – from stay at home mums to budding professional chefs and everything in between. With CookX Asia, we want to provide all of them a platform that can empower their entire culinary journey – first by creating a space where they can highlight their mouth-watering creations and then by engineering an ecosystem that can help them monetise their talents.”


With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, even the most novice home cook will be able to produce and upload best in class recipes that are vibrant with images, filled with detailed step-by-step instructions and structured in an easy to digest (pun very much intended) manner. The Creator-partners can easily use mobile to record videos with their own creativity and upload videos in App flexibility to complement their recipes that not only make the recipes easier to follow but also allow the cooks to showcase their own style and personality.

This plays a big role in the next phase – once the recipes are published and go live on the CookX Asia ecosystem. CookX Asia is cultivating a social platform that is set to be the go-to destination for all food lovers -attracting millions of users, especially the new generations who value the convenience factor, ease of cooking at home and environmental sustainability via food wastage reduction. Through the social platform, Creator-Partners will be able to easily manage all aspects of the app including the availability of recipe ingredients or the end products. They will also have an opportunity to build their own fans and garner followers, increasing awareness and their clout on their journey to culinary stardom.

Mobile App – Creator Profile Page

Once Creator-Partners have built a library of tantalising recipes and grown a loyal base of followers, CookX Asia helps them take it to the next level. With its integrated e-commerce, logistics and delivery functionalities, CookX Asia empowers budding cooks to monetise and earn from their passions and talents.

Creator-Partners can either sell their dishes as pre-order ready-made meals or focus on just the ingredients that are featured in their recipes through ‘Eco Packs’. Eco-Packs are packs that feature all the ingredients of recipes pre-measured to suit the user’s needs. The Eco-Packs are designed to encourage users to explore cooking themselves whilst keeping the task simple, and convenient – allowing anyone to cook like an expert at home anytime.

Creators-Partners have two options when selling Eco-Packs, they can either create, pack and sell their own Eco-Packs or alternatively Creator-Partners can create their recipe whilst the CookX Asia team helps to stock, fill and fulfil eco-pack orders according to the respective recipes.

“We wanted to give our talented cooks and chefs the ability to learn and earn flexibly. So whether they want to go all-in and take charge of every aspect of Eco-Packs or even if they just want to enjoy the creativity of devising new recipes, they are still being rewarded monetarily for their efforts,” Yew Mun added.

In line with this ambition, CookX Asia imposes a fair 15% commission rate per transaction through the App with a cap fee of RM10. This means that Creator-Partners can earn at least 85% of the income from every sale. The app also makes joining a breeze with zero set-up fees and quick registrations that allow Creator-Partners to get up and running within 3-5 days.

Sharing in the excitement of what’s to come, Yew Mun added, “We are excited to be getting closer to our official launch date when we will be able to offer millions of Malaysians, a brand new and unique experience to interact with the thing they love most – food. To do that we are now working hard to build a base of cooks and chefs that will excite users on a daily with new and interesting recipes that everyone will want to try at home.”

Established in 2021, CookX Asia is a social cooking app that allows the community to engage with each other creating, inspiring and supporting each other whilst building a healthy revenue stream for themselves. CookX Asia already features delectable recipes from the lead chefs at recognisable establishments such as Dewan 1958, Cafe Chef Wan, Kanteen and Beacon Chicken in their community.

To learn more about CookX Asia and find out how to become a Creator-Partner, visit https://cookx.asia/ to start now!


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