Joshua Chin established his company, Linear Channel Sdn Bhd and worked with Microsoft unlimited potential program with a noble intention to serve the middle to low income communities. This innovative founder shares with Top 10 of Malaysia on how he put his ideas to work and the unique creation of Smart Rental. 

Joshua Chin has established his business since 1999 and it has been growing steadily until today. Starting with a capital of only RM5,000, the former 2-time taekwondo world champion has come a long way and has even managed to strike a deal with Microsoft to work with his company. “We specialise in selling refurbished PCs, laptops and electronic equipment. Our business mostly caters to the middle to low income groups as well as SMEs and micro businesses.”

In trying to serve the middle to low income segment further, Joshua has come up with a new business development programme dubbed, Smart Rental. “We started Smart Rental last year where a PC and Notebook rental program as low RM48 per month. We came up with a new concept which was to incorporate funding roadmap, business model, channel, marketing and talents,” says Joshua.

Smart Rental is a computer and laptop rental service that allows anyone to have a laptop with the added back-end service during their contract period and with this people will have less hassle when purchasing a new laptop or computer. The great advantage of this scheme is that one does not have to go through credit checks in order to be legible for it. “Anyone is able to afford a laptop or a computer through our RENTAL package. The duration of the contract usually ranges between 12 to 24 months although the company will collect a three-month advance rental.”

Joshua considers his joint venture with Microsoft to reach out to the B40 group in a remote area in Teluk Intan as one of the biggest experimental milestones his company has achieved.  “About 95% of the 130-household paid up the 12 months rental programs. There were on board with the packages we provided where they will get to have a computer for RM68 per month, inclusive of e-learning and e-content. Seeing that we are able to serve them within our capacity, we felt really good,” says Joshua with a smile.

Joshua hopes to expand his business across the South East Asia region where he can introduce Smart Rental to countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. “That is my plan for the next 5 to 10 years. We are building the necessary infrastructure now, and if we can successfully build a brand and bring Malaysians a whole new way to experience owning a computer, we hope to bring the same experience to the South East Asia region too. That is what we plan to achieve.”


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