A Light in The Dark


AXN Attitude_Kiran Kreer (3)Travelling the world and inducing happiness for ourselves is a bucket list for most of us. Kiran Kreer, an avid photojournalist and social activist, has taken it a step further by bringing happiness to others while seeing the world from the lens of a camera. In October 2013, leaving the comforts of a home, family and a monthly paycheck, Kiran started on his journey of self-discovery by backpacking to India. A month later, Typhoon Haiyan saw him involved with flood victims. Recently, the compassionate Kiran shares with Top 10 of Malaysia his tapestried adventures and his successful connection with the less fortunate – efforts that have received recognition from the AXN Attitude Campaign.

Social issues and travelling has always been at the forefront of Kiran Kreer’s life while photography has been a hobby for jazzing up Facebook sites. “Deep down, I have always cared about social issues,” quips Kiran. “I always knew that one day in the near future, I will be travelling and being involved in social causes because that is what makes me happy.”

In October, 2013, Kiran left a comfortable job, home and family and set out on a backpacking trip to India. “A month later, in November, Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines and I knew I had to be there to help the victims. That was the beginning of my involvement in social activism,” says Kiran.

“In the Philippines I saw stark poverty, and children being in the thick of it. Children are such innocent beautiful souls like light and these children were in dire need of food and shelter,” says a pensive Kiran. “That struck me that there was so much I could do to help all children lead a better life. There are millions of children living desolate, empty lives in the dark, without proper food and shelter,” continues Kiran.

From his observations Kiran found that most poverty-ridden homes were bereft of light. “Children are growing up in darkness. Even in the day, it is dark inside homes,” says Kiran. “I had to do something to alleviate this darkness.”  The inner conviction and resoluteness in wanting to help the children was realised through a project called “Give Them Light” where solar powered lights are distributed, through sponsorship, to homes without electricity.

The project has also been implemented in Nepal, subsequent to the earthquakes in 2015. Within Malaysia, solar light projects have lighted up the lives of Semai and Jakun communities in Bertam and Muadzam Shah respectively.

Currently, another project that Kiran is involved is helping in the relief aid, focusing on single mothers and their children who had suffered from the disastrous effects of the recent floods in India.

In between travels, a notable experience for Kiran has been a trip to a Rajasthan camel fair in Pushkar. “My intention of visiting the fair was to observe the lives of the gypsies, a nomadic tribe living in poverty. They are discriminated because of caste and their lives are pitiful,” remarks Kiran.

The humanistic concern that has taken Kiran on a mission to help victims of natural disasters has been a fulfilling journey. “AXN has invited me to join the AXN Attitude Campaign. That is a big honour for me as it is a recognition of my work. Also, the encouraging support from the many sponsors validates my efforts,” remarks Kiran.

“There are not many things I would do differently today except maybe I should have started out earlier. My website iMKIRAN is a reflection of myself, taking control of my life and finding peace and joy in the process. Success for me is finding the connection between myself and the universe. It’s magical,” concludes Kiran.

Issue 24/2016


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