Former Miss Malaysia All Nation, Niki Disvinder founded her company Disvinder Magnifique Esthetique four years ago. The successful lass shares with Top 10 of Malaysia on the international brands that she promoted in Malaysia as a distributor, her future dreams for her company plus the success of establishing partnerships with brands from overseas.   


At first glance, appearing perfectly poised, one would not have been able to tell that Niki Disvinder was once a champion of Miss Malaysia All Nation. The former beauty founded her own company, Disvinder Magnifique Esthetique, back in 2017. Its main core of business is supplying medical aesthetics and devices to aesthetic clinics and also cosmetology hospitals.

“The first brand we carried was Revitacare from France. It is famous in Europe and it wasn’t easy to take the brand and be one of the distributors,” says the charming Niki. In 2019, her company managed to secure another international brand and became its distributor in Malaysia. “Cebelia is from France and it’s a post-care treatment. That is a product that we use after an aesthetic treatment. In 2020, we collaborated with Becaspain from Spain. It is a high-tech device and equipment which offers a range of safe, non-invasive medical aesthetic systems that addresses aesthetic concerns of today.”

Albeit having no product of its own, Disvinder Magnifique Esthetique achieved a phenomenal milestone by bringing in international brands into the Malaysian market. “It is not easy taking an overseas’ brand into the local market because it involves a lot of processes.” Niki adds that they are cooperating with many more brands and already have a list of countries waiting to secure a project with her.  

We planned to hold a training session conducted by an international speaker and doctor from France for all doctors in 2020, but it had to be postponed due to the pandemic. Likewise, we were planning to venture into the Asia market earlier last year but it had to be postponed. We were going to penetrate into Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and so on,” says Niki. 

Niki envisages bringing her business into all the Asia Pacific countries in the coming 5 to 10 years and set up branches overseas. “As you enter the overseas market, you will need to set up branches to mend the distribution in the particular country. Besides that, I might even set up my own clinic and all these plans are in the pipeline,” says Niki joyfully. 


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