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In life we encounter many challenges and meet amazing people with unique and inspiring stories. Each and every one we meet comes into our lives for some reason and they leave lasting impressions in our hearts and minds.  The owners of beauty products company OEW Group pride themselves in leaving such an effect on their customers.  Dato Jaswinder Kaur – the Founder and Chairman, her son Gurdev Singh – the Managing Director, husband, Jagjit Singh – the General Manager and daughter, Jasreena Kaur are the essence of this family venture. The youthful looking Jaswinder and Gurdev share their remarkable beautiful story in an interview with Top 10 of Malaysia recently.

If one word could best describe love, sacrifice, beauty, humility and discipline it would be ‘Jaswinder’.  The love for her family, her nursing experience and her entrepreneurial dreams, encouraged her to embark on a venture years ago with hopes for a brighter future as well as to help others improve their lives.  Jaswinder took a leap of faith into this successful journey in 2006, the year she tried marketing this uniquely formulated whitening cream to her social circles.  “I kept giving free samples initially and by God’s grace, eventually the product started selling although slowly. Through sincere and positive feedback from customers, Jaswinder saw great potential in this product, and without hesitation, quickly got its trademark registered. The product is now known as “Royal Expert Whitening cream”.  What followed was immensely challenging but when Gurdev, being a loving son and very capable one indeed, committed himself entirely to her business, everything began to accelerate. Gurdev’s business acumen and his keen insight of the business environment catapulted the company from its humble beginnings, to the internationally renowned brand it is today.

“Sometimes when I need a miracle I look into my son’s eyes and realize I’ve already created one” – a quote which I came across and one that truly describes my feeling for Gurdev.

I’m so proud of Gurdev and also Jasreena, my daughter for contributing relentlessly to the growth of our business,” she declares.

Gurdev’s goal is to promote responsibility, integrity, generosity, selflessness, entrepreneurship and teamwork. “I’ve come a long way since my schooling days, where I would carry 12 hockey sticks a great distance, hoping to convince my friends to play hockey, simply because I loved the game and they were short of hockey sticks. Now I carry stacks of documents and special product samples to various countries to facilitate business deals with dealers, international corporations and laboratories simply because I’m passionate about our business and the trust of my customers.”

He credits his mentor, Nizam Salleh, former director of Genting International Convention Centre who he first encountered whilst working at a petrol station. “It was Nizam who motivated and awakened the inner strength and power within me to follow my goals and convert a vision into reality. Besides my family, I am deeply indebted to Nizam – an inspirational hero who guided me during my teenage days,” says Gurdev.

It has been 10 years since Dato Jaswinder’s first attempt to market the cream and the company has now grown into an extensive business with family members and friends onboard. OEW Group, incorporated in 2009 is now firmly established in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India and North America, and getting foothold in other Asian countries. Jasreena is in-charge of product application while her husband, Amandip Singh is overseeing business operations. Jaswinder’s husband, Jagjit Singh is the General Manager.

To  Jaswinder  and  Gurdev,  their  company  has successfully  created  a  line  of  products  with premium standards and excellent results. “Our products are fully tested and approved by certified dermatologists. They are always amazed by the ‘study report’ test results that attest to our whitening products’ brightening effectiveness resulting from the use of our very own specially developed natural ‘Compound – HJ3’ whitening agent in these products. We use it confidently instead of the more commonly used hydro-quinone agent, which is highly controlled and restricted in whitening products of other brands,” he explains.

“OEW Group’s second line of products, ‘Royal Esense’ was launched in 2015. A new generation of products with sophisticated modern technologies such as stem cell technology and Lumiskin™ accompanied with a combination of various botanicals have impacted the market powerfully”, says Gurdev.  Another product delivering exceptional results is the ‘Anti-SMAZE’ series, which treats skin affected by Smoke and Haze, hence the name SMAZE. It is highly sought after in the market and we received raving feedback from the end users.”

As a mark of commitment to product quality, OEW Group has received the Reader’s Choice Awards in 2015 and 2016. The challenges now are the attempts by manufacturers to counterfeit OEW Group products in the market, something which the company has warned its users about and educated them to purchase genuine products from authorized dealers.

Living by the code and motto “Together We Grow”, OEW Group invests in personnel training and incentives, giving their employees a sense of belonging over the years.  On efforts to promote a more sustainable company, the environmentally friendly office practises going “paperless” and our products are wrapped with bio degradable plastics.  In its pursuit of giving back to the community, OEW Group sponsored Malaysia’s first Women’s Rugby team for 17th Asian Games in Incheon, Korea. They also played their part in a Kelantan Flood Relief effort where the team brought relief supplies to 40 flood victim families,” says Gurdev.

The vison for the future; Gurdev’s plan is firm and simple. “We will create new product lines and continue participating in trade exhibitions while exploring new markets in 2016. Malaysia, our beloved land of opportunity and roots, will remain OEW Group’s manufacturing and distribution base indefinitely.   I believe the phrase ‘Glocal’ meaning “Do local, think global” really applies in this day and age,” Gurdev says.


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