Adverse circumstances have never dampened the spirit of this enterprising young man. Despite facing adversities in life, Trisen Tan, founder of Your Earning Group Sdn Bhd’s life took a turn for the better when he met his mentor. In an interview with Top 10 of Malaysia, Tan shares about what inspired him to start his company and also the services it provides.

Everything was smooth sailing for Trisen Tan until he reached 16 years of age. “My parents divorced when I was 16. My exam results were unfavourable and the only ambition I had was to be a barber or a mechanic,” reminisces Tan. “My sister enrolled me to study at Multimedia University (MMU Melaka) and I met some university mates who transformed my outlook in life.”

“I met my mentor and he taught me that the secret of success is through hard work and having a platform to begin with.”

Tan worked part time but struggled financially and he grieved while pondering on the bleakness of his future. “Miraculously, I met my mentor and he taught me that the secret of success is through hard work and having a platform to begin with,” says Tan. “This is my 10th year with Prudential.”

In 2014, Tan spent his savings to set up an office in Ipoh. After discussing with his mentor, they decided to call it Your Earning Group Sdn Bhd (YEG). “Our insurance agency currently has around 70 to 80 full-time agents and our motto encompasses the ‘3Ds’ which are “Dream”, “Discipline” and “Desire”. We have a system called “Eagle System” where we monitor our agents’ performances and we teach them by using our “SHARK System”, which stands for skill, habit, attitude, recruitment and knowledge,” says Tan.

For the past 5 years, YEG has been selling medical and retirement plans. “Now, we are also providing the licensing for asset management and also services for wills, trusts and family insurance. In addition, we also do business insurance between directors,” says Tan whose 5 to 10 years’ plan include establishing a YEG office in every state in Malaysia. “We have offices in Ipoh, Teluk Intan, Setiawan, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Johor Bahru and Kuching. We are targeting to have new offices in Penang and Kedah.”


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