New Generation Business Leaders To Watch In 2016


The world of business evolves at a fast pace and there constantly arise new leaders to take control and steer their organisations to new heights amid growing challenges. As a new generation of business leaders in Malaysia begins to make their presence known by their sheer talent and determination, Top 10 Malaysia takes a look at its random list of the country’s top ten new generation business leaders to watch in the coming months.

Voon Tze Khay
As the General Manager of Rev Asia Bhd (previously known as Catcha Media Berhad)  and the managing director of REV Asia, Voon Tze Khay needs to have creativity and vision running in his veins and he has certainly proven it by spearheading Rev Asia Berhad to become one of the most successful digital media groups in Malaysia. Graduated with a Bachelor of Management in Marketing from University of South Australia, he was previously responsible for its core businesses. As its Managing Director, Voon is the driving force of its day-to-day basis, conceptualizing the strategy and bringing it to fruition to maximize growth and profitability.

Voon Tze Khay
Voon Tze Khay

Calvert Wong Ngai Peow
Playing the role of the Executive Director of AppAsiaBerhad, Calvert Wong Ngai Peow has a lot to do when it comes to guiding the company to become one of Malaysia’s most successful content and application businesses. Formerly known as Extol MSC Berhad, AppAsia has always had a clear understanding of what the consumers need in terms of Information Technology. ARMOUR was launched with the mission of protecting each and every laptop and computers in the country from virus. With 7 fully-owned subsidiaries and under the wise and diligent care of Wong, AppAsiaBerhad and its Executive Director are indeed a force to be reckoned with.

Sik Eek Tan
Tan Sik Eek leading NetX Holdings Berhad did not come as a surprise as prior to his appointment as the Executive Director of the company, he had had more than 10 years of experience from being a corporate finance advisor to private equity investments. With such vast experience, Tan solved problems and formulated methods that prove irresistible to the world of data communication, managed security, hardware and software solutions, e-business strategy and business strategy. Tan has brought quality, synergy and value to the company and the coming year in turn will bring many more opportunities to Tan in return.

Syakur Mohd Suhaimi
Upon graduating from Xiamen University of China in International Trade, Syakur leads Silver Ridge Holdings Bhdto provide telecommunication solutions that increase the quality of telecommunication services in Malaysia.Syakur seeks to consistently find and acquire new telecommunication technologies, both domestically and internationally. Learning from his business partner and adapting technologies within the industry has always been his way to success and this has helped the company clinched the 3G network project from Telekom Malaysia.

Syakur Mohd Suhaimi

Hong Choon Hau, Jim
Sunzen Biotech Berhad’s CEO, Hong ChoonHau’s vision is that happy and healthy animals equal good business and he is definitely right about that. Sunzen Biotech SdnBerhad deals with animal health products right from production to marketing of the treatment for both farm and domestic animals. From cows to poultry right down to the adorable cats and dogs, Hong’s Sunzen has it all covered. With an emphasis on non-antibiotic treatment, Hong’s noble effort has been honored by a BioNexus Status which entitlesSunzento tax incentives and other privileges awarded by the Malaysian Biotechnology Cooperation.

Jim Hong Choon Hau
Jim Hong Choon Hau

Datuk Eddie Chai Woon Chet
XOX Bhd was given an extra boast when Datuk Chai Woon Chet took on the role as the Group Managing Director.  Founded almost a decade ago, XOX Bhd is a mobile virtual network operator that provides a wide range of services ranging from flexible payment and top-up options. This Sabahan is also known for his timber business deals and have clients from Japan, Europe, South Africa and South Korea.  As the Group Managing Director, Chai draws from his experience and also his impressive family background for inspiration and advice since he is none other than the son of Tan Sri Chai Kin Kong.

Ng Sang Beng
Ng Sang Beng co-founded Aemulus in 2004. Starting off as a designer of semiconductor testers, the company quickly evolved into its current business model, producing its own products, and has launched the Amoeba 4100-D. This magnificent product has the advantage of speed over all its competitors.  The achievement of Aemulus didnot go unnoticed by the peers of the industry as the company received the Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Award for 3 consecutive years. Ng’s work motto has always been :“Being Exceptional and Never Replicate”.

Chan Say Hwa
Chan Say Hwa proves that it is absolutely possible to turn a great profit for a company and at the same time does something positive for the environment. As the Group Managing Director of HiapHuat Holdings Berhad, he is driving force of a complete oil recycling company. Turning oil into grease, emulsion paint, primer, wood preservative and engine oil, HiapHuat Holdings saves natural resources, energy and the environment. If HiapHuat Holdings’ mission sounds noble, it is made possible by Chan who oversees the strategy right down to the sales and marketing of the company’s products.

Dato Ricky Wong
Have you ever noticed the digital TV that is on display in public transport from our buses right down to the trains? The eye-catching blend of infotainment is the hard work of Ricky Wong. In 2014, he was named one of the 30 most successful Malaysians under the age of 40 and this is well deserving of someone whose media provider communicates with half a million of people daily. With collaboration with RapidKL to express coaches like Nice, Ricky understands the power of advertisement, presented in an attractive manner, could do wonders for businesses.

Tan Chek Siong
Tan Chek Siong knows the principle of change which is truly the only permanent factor in this world that we live in and he harvests this principle to the fullest. Being the Group Managing Director or Ken Holdings Berhad since 2013, he understands the evolving taste and need of Malaysians when it comes to purchasing their dream homes. By studying the changing perspective and needs of the younger generation of property buyers, Tan manages to incorporate this idea into the building of condominiums. His impressive resumé also includes being part of the Arup Consulting Engineers in London and working on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link Project.

Issue 23/2016


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