MyPapillon, a hijab brand that has caused a stir in the local market, have hijabs with a sui generis design that captures the attention of many. The materials used are also comfortable to the touch and Haslinda Md Isa, proprietor of MyPapillon has set her sights on fulfilling the wishes of a Muslim woman who wants to look unique and charming.

MyPapillon is inspired by the French word ‘Papillon’, which carries the meaning of ‘a butterfly’. Synonymous to a butterfly, it bears soft and colourful features, which Haslinda would then include on each design of the hijab she produced.

“The advantage of MyPapillon is that we offer an extensive collection of hijabs suitable for occasions such as dinner, engagements and weddings. In fact, some are not shy to style our collection as a work cover in the office. Our first exclusive limited-edition series features intricate luxurious accessories and fine craftsmanship from skilled MyPapillon tailors,” says Haslinda.

The idea of incorporating French-style elements was not done on a whim, as Haslinda made good use of her experiences when she was in Paris. Having a Bachelor of Hotel Management from Strasbourg as well as Masters from Institut Vatel Paris, her love for fine art inspires her to research more.

“In the field of hospitality, all the decorations and designs come in various forms. My interest for fine art and luxury increased particularly when I was studying for a master’s degree in France, I would often go to luxury boutiques in Place Vendome and around Paris. It inspires me even though many a time I would just be looking into the boutique from the outside only,” she says with a laugh.

Despite her busy schedule as a lecturer at Universiti Teknologi Mara Shah Alam, Haslinda remains committed to her business. The mother of two children wisely divides her time by not mixing affairs on campus, office and home. Everything is done in stages.

The 45-year-old entrepreneur also credits her husband, Mohd Rizal Ahmad Dawami for pushing her to succeed. According to Haslinda, her husband is not only a business guru who gives her a lot of guidance but also a good friend to her.

“Alhamdulillah, my husband who is the backbone of the company helps a lot because he himself has more than 10 years of experience in business of different fields. We both have a symbiotic relationship whereby we help each other and successfully complete projects for MyPapillon,” she adds.


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