The Young Gun


The youths of today take to social media sites as ducks take to water. However, there is a 20-year-old who would take it to a whole new level. Making use of the virtual world as a platform to make his mark as an entrepreneur, he has made his presence felt in online marketing. In a recent chat with Ameerul Afiq Abdul Hadi, CEO of RAD.KL Trading, Top 10 of Malaysia learns about the young gun’s business endeavours and his speaking engagements .

Ameerul Afiq Abdul Hadi ‘s skills in business were already nurtured during his formative years in boarding school when he began selling items such as food, clothes and watches, though on a small scale. However, he was not so serious about it until one fine day when he stumbled upon an Instagram shop account. This made him realize the lucrative business prospects of marketing products through such a network. “Actually, I just wanted to buy the items being sold. Then, when I saw how the business was set up, I thought that I could do the same too and improvise on it,” shares Afiq.

He then started an online business through his personal Instagram account and upon receiving a positive reception, he decided to convert it into a business account under the commercial brand name, RAD.KL. When asked about the reason behind the brand name, he shares that when he saw the term ‘rad’ online, it sparked his curiousity. And upon learning that it came from the word ‘radical’, he decided to use it and integrate it with ‘KL’, as he lives in Kuala Lumpur city.

Today, Afiq stands tall with over 15 different types of business ranging from iPhone cases to cosmetic products under his belt. Online marketing, according to Afiq, has broken the age barrier. “You just have to know how to use it to your advantage,” Afiq explains. Juggling between managing his business and carrying out his responsibilities in his studies is indeed a tough challenge. However, he has it all figured out. “I focus in class to make sure that I really understand what is being taught, so that after it’s over, I can fully concentrate on my business,” he adds.

He attributes his ability to use social media for business gains as a huge contributor to his success. “I am consistently marketing my products. I don’t give it a break,” he reveals. He is also thankful for his family and friends who act as his support system throughout the ups and downs of his involvement in online business.

With his impressive track record proving his skills in online marketing, Afiq has been given the trust by several organizations which include local academic institutions, companies and individuals to deliver talks that are mainly about the unlimited potentials one could obtain by utilizing the power of social media. He also conducts motivational courses aimed specifically at encouraging youngsters to get involved in the field of entrepreneurship. It is clear that he genuinely wants to help make a better difference in the lives of others, especially the youths of today.

Recently, he was in Brunei to do just that with a different target audience. He was called upon by Tabung Amanah Islam Brunei and appeared on the national television talk show and radio shows, presenting his talks, with the hope that those from the lower-income category will be inspired to improve their state of living. Additionally, he is also a main speaker for Young Beast MY, an annual event that provides technical guidance on how to market one’s products on social media sites.

His advice to those seeking to make it in the business industry is to be confident. “Have confidence in yourself. Do what you like and don’t do it because you were forced to or because it’s the trend. Also, don’t give up. Give yourself time because it takes time to succeed,” Afiq says.


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