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At 31 years of age, Dr Steve Chia is poised to take on the biggest challenge he has set for himself so far. It is a culmination of planned preparedness and training and he has readied himself for this in every way that he could. In this issue, Top 10 of Malaysiaspeaks with thedynamicyoung doctor to find out more about his dreams and goals.

Born and raised in Klang, Dr Steve Chia studied to be a doctor and graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in 2008. He served with the Government in Sarawak for five years after and then obtained a diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (USA).Sinceyoung, Dr Chia has a keen interest in art and design. He feels his passion in aesthetics is a perfect complement to his left brain artistry. After getting his diploma, he had the privilege to work with an international aesthetics company. In the meantime, he attended several training courses and conferences to broaden his views and knowledge as well as sharpen his skills through that period.

Sounds like a lot of hard work? The enthusiastic and ambitious Dr Chia has his goal set and nothing is going to stop him. “Self-motivation is important. No one will teach you or tell you how to improve yourself. Continuous learning is crucial,” he says.

Dr Chia’s continuous effort and determination paid off when he finally set out on his own and put upSliq Clinic – the first lifestyle clinic situated in Oasis AraDamansara located in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur. He derives great satisfaction from establishing his own clinic. However, Dr Chia is mindful that it comes with great responsibility as well. Currently, his focus is to offer only state-of-the-art, medically proven and safe treatments to fulfill everyone’s aesthetic needs at Sliq.

At his clinic, Dr Chia offers a wide range of non-invasive therapies that require little down time. They are all FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved. He believes in a personal hands-on approach which helps to build trust and confidence with the patient.Based on his evaluation, he will then offer the treatments that will be most beneficial to the patient. “The physical requirements of a client are but one aspect of my work. It takes time, effort and patience to understand the client. They may need to build confidence and self-esteem too,” he explains.

Generally, patients with skin issues such as pigmentations, birthmarks and sunspot benefit greatly fromMedLite laser therapy. This same laser system can do tattoo removal as well with minimum to no downtime so your social engagement will not be affected while receiving treatments.Available at Sliq, the laser therapy has long been acknowledged as safe and efficient. For patients who simply need to look younger or more beautiful, fillers or RF (radiofrequency) machines help to firm and shape targeted areas.

By and large, it is not all work for Dr Chia as he believes in a healthy work-life balance. He works out at the gym, enjoys photography and travels overseas for medical conferences to keep him updated in this industry. Besides that, his photography skills have honed his aesthetic skill. “There is beauty all round us!” Indeed, Dr Chia has no regrets so far. “I’m contented and happy doing what I love!” he grins.

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Issue 21/2015


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