Jackson Kee, founder of Supreme Integrated Services Sdn Bhd is an inspiring leader who aims to raise Malaysians’ awareness about the importance of financial and estate planning. In a recent interview with Top 10 of Malaysia, Jackson Kee shares his insightful story on how he started his company in providing integrated financial services through estate planning for a person’s family after his or her demise.

Jackson Kee has been working in the insurance industry for around twenty five years when he decided to venture into the field of financial and estate planning. After realizing the hassle families go through due to improper planning after their loved ones pass away, Jackson Kee and his co-founder, Chee Mei Nee decided to establish their own company to assist families in Will-Writing and estate planning.

“Many parents believe that it is vital to provide a huge amount of money to their children to ensure that they will have a good life and will not be lacked of the daily necessities in life. However, the younger generation these days isn’t wise when it comes to spending money. Some may lead a lavish lifestyle as they lack of the knowledge in money management,” says Jackson Kee.

Jackson Kee and Chee Mei Nee had the golden opportunity to travel to the United States (U.S.). “The trip to the U.S. was life-transforming as we realised that estate planning was so common in their country as compared to Malaysia. Thus, we decided to promote it here in Malaysia,” reminisces Jackson Kee. Inspired by the trip to U.S., Jackson Kee and Chee Mei Nee started Supreme Integrated Services Sdn Bhd with the thought of helping clients have the peace of mind that their family members will receive their estate after their demise by providing financial and estate planning services equipped with a Will and Trust.

“Our customers are placed into two categories. Those who have family problems or disabled kids fall into the first category while the second category comprises families who don’t have any family issues. We don’t encourage using the hard selling method to promote our services as we are more focused in catering to their needs,” explains Jackson Kee as he shares about the services provided by Supreme with excitement.
Jackson Kee says that Will-Writing was a taboo ten years ago. “Back then many people wouldn’t want to mention or prepare a Will as it would signify that they won’t be staying long or that family members are eyeing on their assets,” shares Jackson Kee. “However, recently people are starting to accept the idea of writing a Will and engaging Family Trust services for future planning in order to enable their loved ones to have a better planning in the future.”

Jackson Kee explains that there are four estate planning segments which are Will-Writing, Family or Living Trust Creation, Business Trust Creation, Estate Creation and funding. “A Will only comes into effect after the passing of the Testator. This document allows the Testator to select the preferred Beneficiary who will receive his or her benefits through the demise’s estate. On the other hand, a Trust set up by the Settlor is effective even when the Settlor is alive and the Settlor can make himself or herself as one of the Beneficiaries. The three parties involved in a Trust are the Settlor, Trustee and Beneficiary. A Protector assigned for the Trust would act as ‘watch dog’ to advise and guard the Trustee in the distribution of funds to the Beneficiary. We will advise clients in the best way and act according to their wishes.”

“It would be great if they could passionately garner more knowledge about the industry.”

A Will can be rewritten many times as long as the person is in a sound mind. “I would advise that the public do not wait to prepare a Will only when succumbing to illness as it would be more challenging to make a wise decision,” says Jackson Kee.

When asked about his advice to the young generation who are interested in joining the industry, Jackson Kee says, “Estate Planning is a “sunrise” industry as many people are starting to be concerned about estate distribution and to make sure that the estate will benefit the beneficiaries according to their wishes and instructions. It would be great if they could passionately garner more knowledge about the industry as this career would enable them to help our society in creating awareness of the importance of Will & Trust Planning as well as proper financial planning.”


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