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Malaysia’s continuous effort to increase the broadband penetration in the country to meet the demands of an information-based society has proven to be greatly productive, as demonstrated by the nation’s second-place ranking among 26 resource and efficiency driven economies in the Connectivity Scorecard of 2013. The rapid development of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure in turn allows governments, businesses and consumers to utilise the connectivity technologies to further heighten social and economic prosperity. Innovative ICT companies – capitalising on these technological advancements – have cropped up across a wide spectrum of specialisations, further driving forward the online revolution. In this issue, Top 10 of Malaysia checks out the Most Innovative ICT Companies of Malaysia (presented in no particular order) as identified by MSC Malaysia Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA).

Learning Port (M) Sdn Bhd

Founded by Dato’ Idrus Mohd Satha – the academician cum entrepreneur responsible for the establishment of Cosmopoint Group of Companies, including Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College (KLMUC), Cosmopoint International College of Technology (CICT), New Horizons Learning Centres (NH) and IMS Solutions, Learning Port aims to revolutionise the learning process to nurture the global leaders of the future. With over 20 years of prior experience in private education and training of more than 100, 000 local and international graduates, the group formed the enterprise to provide enhanced multimedia content to all students from primary to secondary level. Incorporated in 2012, the company facilitates the learning process via an interactive digital learning platform, crafting impressive innovations including asynchronous learning which allows students and facilitators to be in different places when learning and a constraint-less virtual laboratory.

S5 Systems Sdn Bhd
A Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) pioneer status company, S5 Systems is a global integrated security solutions provider that delivers projects and holistic security measures to various governments, governmental bodies and enterprises. Utilising a dynamic multi-national team, S5 Systems delivers real solutions and cutting-edge expertise to meet challenges in homeland security, defence, intelligence and other areas of vital importance to national interests. Owing to a global client base and proven success in multiple projects around the globe, S5 Systems has emerged to be one of the most trusted consultants in both IT and security fields, including law enforcement, border control and identity security just to name a few. The winner of the “Best of Security” title in Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2008 and MSC Malaysia APICTA 2013 for Best e-Government & Services category, S5 Systems also possess multiple patents worldwide.

Terato Tech Sdn Bhd
Established in 2008 by founder Reza Razali, Terato Tech began with only a staff force of two before being granted the Multimedia Super Corridor status by the Malaysian government within a year. Reza Razali – the mastermind behind the ICT enterprise – is renowned for learning to code at the tender age of seven and co-finding the widely popular Malaysian teen portal Terato.com at just seventeen. A prominent tech startup in the country and Asia, the enterprise boasts some of the most respected global names as clients, such as CIMB Bank, for which Terato Tech developed its online banking solution, CIMB Clicks Mobile and Malaysian Airline’s travel app for iPad called Going Places. For its continuous contributions to the international information technology advancement, the startup is also the proud recipient of numerous recognitions, including APICTA’s Best Startup in Malaysia award in 2011.

Silver Ant Sdn Bhd
Essentially a wholly animation boutique specialising in 3D animation, the Malaysian studio was set up way back in 1999 by GohAun Hoe, a local animation industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience in the business. Run by the Nippon Electronic College graduate as both the Managing Director and Animation Director, Silver Ant SdnBhd (SASB) produces high-resolution, computer-generated character animation and visual effects for both local and international entertainment industries. Boasting a production army of more than 120, SASB uses purpose-built platforms and in-house mechanisms to create numerous award-winning animation works. One such creation is the critically-acclaimed Seefood, the first entirely Malaysian animated movie that was launched in Cannes Film Festival before being screened in 121 countries. Transformers Prime, another hit TV show, is an Emmy-award winning series made by SASB in collaboration with a Japanese studio.

XY Base
Renowned throughout the country and worldwide for their large ICT projects and airport IT expertise, XY Base is fundamentally a system integrator, IPR developer and solutions provider for clients of various fields and functions. The enterprise offers a unique range of products and services, encompassing technology-based products, services to specialised industry needs and infrastructure-based solutions while retaining a cost-effective and cutting-edge approach. As a master of almost all trades, the tech enterprise specialises in countless fields including airport, airline and transportation logistics, defence and law enforcement, finance and taxation, and telecommunication just to name a few. XY Base is also the proud recipient of a wide array of awards for their impeccable service and contributions to the local ICT industry.

N2N Connect Berhad

Incorporated in Malaysia as a private limited company in the dawn of a new millennium, the IT enterprise was known as N2N Connect SdnBhd back then before being converted to a public limited company in 2004. Primarily involved in research and development of software packages and design, the enterprise also provides other programming and consulting services such as capital market application, mobile-commerce, news services and web hosting. Besides that, N2N also markets its core e-commerce securities trading solutions to local stock broking firms and banks, making it a leading tech service provider in a multitude of areas. Throughout the years, N2N has been bestowed with many honours such as winning the Best Financial Application twice at APICTA and being the first company in the Asia-Pacific region to receive conformance certificate from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Y Us Sdn Bhd
Created with the clear goal of modernising the way events are organised and run, Y Us Sdn Bhd does away with manual methods of planning and managing events by going online and providing the necessary technological tools to automate the tedious work that is event planning via their event management system called Evenesis. Founded by Carnagie Mellon University graduate Yusno Yunos, Evenesis is the fruition of his vision to create a comprehensive event ecosystem that involves event planners, participants and suppliers. Under his helm, the event enterprise has won multiple awards such as the Malaysia Intel APEC Startup Challenge 2013, Top 15 Companies under the Coach & Grow Programme 2012, the MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards twice and has been nominated to be in the list of Asia’s Top 50 Apps.

Soft Space Sdn Bhd
A mobile payments technology company that focuses on the development of innovative solutions for the banking and payment industry, Soft Space is currently the leading white label Mobile-Point-of-Sales (mPOS) solution provider in South East Asia, with presence in 13 countries and counting. Aiming to provide everyone with the opportunity to accept credit card payments securely anywhere anytime, the startup focuses on developing innovative payment technologies that will benefit merchants, financial institutions and users. The solutions devised by the company have even been certified by EMV, MasterCard and Visa – testaments to the global recognition of the secure and credible technology. Some of the awards and recognitions garnered by Soft Space include the Gold Winner of Best ASEAN Startup 2013 and the winner of Best Financial Application 2013 for Soft Space Centralised EMV mPOS.

Fusionex Corp Sdn Bhd
Bridging the gap between business and technology is what this premier multi-award winning IT group is all about. Specialising in software products, solutions delivery and management services, Fusionex Corp’s IT-fused creations enable organisations to improve efficiency and achieve better Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), thanks to the company’s various market units and a strong team of professionals which has enabled it to obtain deep domain knowledge within multiple sectors and areas. Some of the solutions provided by Fusionex Corp include data capture and workflow, business intelligence (BI), Big Data and Cloud based devices, as well as enterprise mobile solutions. Not stopping at a track record of 100% successful delivery of accepted projects, the tech enterprise has also received many awards, namely the MSC APICTA 2013 Best Application Tool award for Fusionex Business Intelligence (BI) Centre.

MDT Innovations Sdn Bhd
A majority owned subsidiary of Multimedia Display Technologies, MDTi is a tech enterprise focused on component engineering, systems design, software development and application solutions. Its main priority, however, is on RFID or radio frequency identification, a field in which MDTi conducts research, design, development, implementation and maintenance of its key components. Hard work throughout the years in a path almost not taken by most technopreneurs has paid off well – it is now the leading provider of High Frequency and Ultra High Frequency RFID solutions in Japan, China, India, Indonesia and of course Malaysia. For its development of the NFCTag in SIM card and empowering of mobile phones, the company has also won the APICTA Best of Communication Applications award.

Issue 19/2015


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