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Never for a moment let his easy-going, exuberant personality beguile you into thinking that he is all fun. Beneath this veneer is a hardworking and disciplined man who is always reaching for the top. Kishvin Sirinavin had no doubts that he was going to be successful in his chosen field. In a recent meeting with Top 10 of Malaysia, the dynamic Managing Director of Fusion Media Productions shares his background and how he started out.

“Call me Kishz,” he says as he flashes his warm and charming smile. He is instantly likeable, friendly and exudes nothing but positivity.

Kishvin Sirinavin is the eldest of three siblings. Like most Asian families, his father wanted him to be a lawyer. However, the Seremban native had bigger dreams in mind. As a young boy, Kishvin cultivated his natural flair for entrepreneurship. His passion lied in the art of negotiations – constantly striking deals and winning with his highly competitive streak.

While in school, he engaged in small-profit projects and later progressed to giving Mathematics and English tuition classes in his teenage years. By the time he was in fifth form, he had tutored nearly 60 students. He also excelled in sports; participating in state and national levels in athletics, badminton, and table tennis.

At age 19, Kishvin started off a successful car wash venture and eventually sold the business off to pursue other interests. Apart from his pursuits, his ardent interest for the media industry had driven him to continue his studies in mass communications as well as business management – funding both courses independently.

In the midst of juggling class assignments and his business, he has also taken up other interests, which involved acting, hosting and producing shows for TV as well as emceeing at events. In 2003, he held a record as ‘the longest non-stop emcee’ in The Malaysia Book of Records for emceeing 15 hours straight.

When he was ready to start his own business, Kishvin founded Fusion Media Productions in 2008. The company started with only three staffs and has grown to a current strength of 15.

Fusion Media Productions offers services in event management, media marketing, advertising and TV and video productions. Its clients include Maxis, Maybank, Astro, Clarins, Intel, Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM), Badminton World Federation (BWF) and even Bank Negara.

One of Kishvin’s breakthrough projects is TV3’s Karnival Jom Heboh for Hotlink, also known as Malaysia’s largest outdoor carnival and concert event. Thereafter, Fusion Media Productions was most sought-after for its services and was awarded with bigger projects and event contracts. Kishvin shares that in the years to come, he would like to embark on more strategic advertising and brand communication campaigns for his clients.

Kishvin’s vision is to keep expanding and ultimately, competing in the global industry, guided by his instincts and gut feeling. His can-do attitude sets no limits as to what he can achieve. “I believe I have the ability to succeed in all my ventures, as long as I put my heart into it,” he says.

Smiling, he says he would also consider venturing into development and eventually a township – diversifying into industries like shipping, telecommunications, and oil and gas. “I want to keep pushing myself to the next level. It isn’t enough to just dream big; one must also work diligently to reach their goal. That includes having self-discipline and punctuality. Passion drives me forward.”

Even with his huge successes, Kishvin, a self-made millionaire at the age of 30, is always humbled and believes God has guided and inspired him. His father has also been a huge inspiration to him, for he has taught Kishvin to always be honest and hard working at all times.

During his leisure time, Kishvin finds inspiration in reading self-help and motivational books, as he learns from authors like Stephen Covey. He says, “I also motivate myself by removing any negativity in my life.”

Kishvin’s strongest asset is his determination and creative thought process. Drawing mind maps at home helps him to work out his plans for his ventures. “I even think of plans and things to do while I’m asleep,” he laughs.

Kishvin ensures that he makes time in his hectic schedule to give talks at colleges and universities. As a renowned speaker, he aims to inspire and motivate the younger generation to believe in themselves and to pursue their dreams.

At the age of 31, Kishvin certainly has everything going for him and more.

Issue 21/2015


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