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Issue 6/2012

Whilst most people his age are looking forward to retirement, Madenjit Singh is on the move to make a diiference in the lives of people. His passion for imparting knowledge to others has moved Madenjit to dedicate his life to helping underprivileged youths.

The secret to educational success is having a positive attitude to learn, strong language skills to grasp what is being taught and laying hold of a strong content,” says Madenjit, founder of Science of Life Systems (SOLS24/7), a non-profit organisation that equips underprivileged youths with life skills to prepare them for the corporate world, thus having an opportunity to improve the quality of their life.
Madenjit’s successful endeavour in developing an effective programme for the teaching of the English language effectively caught the attention of billionaire Tan Sri Vincent Tan, founder of the Berjaya Group. Madenjit’s revolutionary programme enables students to speak English within 3 months. “Tan Sri Vincent Tan is impressed with what SOLS24/7 is doing and he sees potential in our English language programme which is in line with his interest of imparting English language skills to students,” says Madenjit who had received RM1 million as part of the award for the purpose of expanding the good works of SOLS24/7. “Tan Sri attributes the success of the Berjaya Group to his English language skills that enabled him to close many business deals,” he adds.
SOLS24/7 was established in 2000 in Cambodia and currently has more than 60 centres in seven countries across South East Asia, benefitting more than 80,000 youths. The centre in Malaysia was formed in 2007 in Malacca and was subsequently moved to Segambut, Kuala Lumpur in 2011.
Madenjit’s selfless dedication in helping the poor led him to be selected as recipient of the Better Malaysia Personality of the Year 2012 Award given by Berjaya Group’s Better Malaysia Foundation in conjunction with Tan Sri Vincent Tan’s exit from corporate life into full time charity work. Tan Sri Vincent Tan has also pledged RM10 million to SOLS24/7 for the purpose of revolutionising the teaching of the English language in the country.
Madenjit’s desire to help the poor was in no small way ignited by his father who was a union leader and his mother, a religious woman. This combination of service to humanity and religious upbringing influenced Madenjit to develop a passion for God and to stand up for people. Madenjit enjoys travelling and talking to people from all walks of life. He is always experimenting with different ways to improve the learning system he had developed. Madenjit also enjoys spending quality time with his family members. His two sons, Raj Ridvn Singh, 29 and Dhinu Dhanveer Singh, 28 are co-founders of SOLS 24/7. Raj is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and was the youngest person in South East Asia to obtain that qualification at the age of 17. Naturally he looks after the ICT side of SOLS 24/7. Dhinu meanwhile speaks fluent Khmer and manages the centres in Cambodia with the assistance of
Madenjit hopes to establish a university in Malaysia offering free education for students from all over South East Asia with the funds being pledged from the Better Malaysia Foundation. He also hopes to open more SOLS24/7 centres all over Malaysia and South East Asia especially in Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines.
 “We must have a balance in life. It’s pointless living an unfulfilled life. We must make it a point to give back to others, especially to the underprivileged, irrespective of strata and religion,” says Madenjit.