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Issue 6/2012

The fashion scene in Malaysia is going from strength to strength, and with more fashion shows and exclusive boutiques popping up all over our major cities, it is easy to see why. One person that has been making a big contribution to the Malaysian fashion scene is blogger, self-appointed fashion critic and budding designer, Joyce Wong. Known by some of her avid followers as ‘Kinky Blue Fairy’ this young aspiring fashionista is becoming a recognized name among the Asian fashion elite.

During 2006, what was just an online hobby started to turn into a profitable business when the first brands in Malaysia started using online spaces for advertising. This was when Joyce decided to take a break from her day job, spend a couple of years
travelling and indulging in her more personal, creative projects. Although the majority of Joyce’s followers know her as the superstar blogger, she still sees it mostly as a profitable hobby and somehow finds the time in her busy schedule to pursue a career in consulting for a major corporate company.
In recent years Kuala Lumpur has really made its mark on the world fashion map. Joyce explains that the fashion scene really started to flourish around six years ago when affordable boutiques started opening up in the capital city. Around this time, young Malaysian women started shopping more often and looking online for new fashion styles and inspiration. This young fashion-focused girl describes her personal style as ‘schizophrenic’. “Some months in the year I go all rock and punk. Other months I go dressy and girlie. I think I’m mostly colourful and slightly funky. I love colour and patterns, never get bored of them, and even better when they’re fused with asymmetrical cuts. Right now I’m all about comfort and clean lines,” Joyce reveals.
This young trend setter is more than ready to share some fashion information about specific Malaysian designers. “Shuen Kee is from Parson’s and designs exquisite handbags, leather goods and delicate jewellery. Justin Yap is a young fashion designer who makes the most beautifully cut dresses, and I’m utterly in love with local leather brand ThirtyFour,” she says.
Although the Malaysian fashion scene is moving in the right direction, Joyce still feels that the young designers here definitely need some support from the government. She laments that there is some amazing talent here that ends up in Singapore because the industry there gives them the financial and educational support they need. When asked about the next move into making Kuala Lumpur a fashion capital on the world map Joyce has this to say, “We need the creative youth and the public to be brave enough to find their own voice in style and project it constantly.”
Joyce admires people in the ever-stylish Scandinavian regions where they have a liberating sense of freedom in the expression of their own style. She also feels that it is good to remind people the fact that ‘money cannot buy you style.’ “Don’t buy expensive pieces just for the labels. Know how to differentiate between materials and cuts that can last you years. where you’ll have an expanding wardrobe that you won’t want to clean out,” she adds.
Joyce claims the key to writing a successful blog is to always be passionate about the information one is publishing, be dedicated in the process of editing pictures and most importantly, to stay consistent in posting. She advises that people should only get into this hobby because of the love and passion for it. “You do it because you love it, and not for anything else. Write about the things that you love, things that inspire you, and try to keep it positive,” she adds.
So, what’s next for Malaysia’s very own Kinky Blue Fairy? “There is no telling as to what may come out of this. I never thought my blog would bring me all over the world and meet some of the people I respect the most. Who knows, maybe my blog will cross platforms to other things besides being on the internet,” muses Joyce.
Whatever the future holds, we can expect to see a lot more from this young blogger for many years to come.