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Harbingers Of Innovation

Malaysia’s continuous effort to increase the broadband penetration in the country to meet the demands of an information-based society has proven to be greatly productive, as demonstrated by the nation’s.......

N2N Connect Berhad
Incorporated in Malaysia as a private limited company in the dawn of a new millennium, the IT enterprise was known as N2N Connect Sdn Bhd back then before being converted to a public listed company in 2004..... Read More

Issue 16/2014

A Niche Above

AMP Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd (AMCOP) is in the business of providing reliable and efficient radar surveillance systems which help detect and curb illegal activities on the high seas and manage air traffic control in airports.The man behind this dynamic company, Dato’ Mustaffa bin Hj. Abd. Rahman thrives on the challenge of conquering niche markets and constantly innovating to offer the best possible solution to customers. In this issue, the affable and.........
Read More

Issue 16/2014

Moving Power

Malaysia has a vision of becoming a developed nation by 2020 and part of that vision is to develop and grow the business sector, allowing for capitalization of natural resources and strategic geographical location.......

Infinity Logistics & Transport Sdn Bhd
Infinity Logistics & Transport was started by KY Chan and Ethan Kwan in 2003 and has steadily been growing. With offices in Malaysia, Bangkok, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia, Infinity’s growth has been rapid and successful..... Read More

Issue 16/2014

Tv Anchors Ahoy!

An undeniable scene in the developed 21st century: television is no longer an amenity; it is now a necessity. Television has become an important component of any modern household, paving the path for broadcasters to cash.......

Brandon Ho
Brandon Ho Wyen Lyon was brought to limelight in 2013 when he emerged as one of the winners of 8TV’s Quickie Search, the reality show in search of the next new face to front the channel’s longest running urban talk show..... Read More

Issue 16/2014

The Charming & the Inspiring

The ambience that exudes from a party’s setting counts for much as it sets the tone for the occasion to be a truly memorable one or otherwise. It could very well be the theme selected, the decor or the use of lighting that will make for an.......

Serena C
Before joining the Kuala Lumpur’s social scene, Serena C was just a small town girl in Tawau, Sabah with big dreams. She turned her dream of being able to talk to millions of people into a reality when she started her career..... Read More

Issue 16/2014
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