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Realising A Noble Dream

It is said that most people became successful not because of the talent they have or the right opportunity that was presented to them. On the contrary, their success was realised because they wasted no time in seizing the opportunity that was at hand. Dato’ Calvin Khiu Fu Siang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MK Curtain Group of Companies (MK), believes that choice, not circumstances, determines success. In this issue of Top 10 of Malaysia, the young and vibrant..........
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Issue 17/2014

The Titans Of Real Estate

There is no place like home and Malaysia is one of the best places you can choose to call home. The country’s real estate continues to appeal to local and foreign investors thanks to the buoyant economic growth potential and the still relatively low property values compared.......

Tropicana Corporation Bhd
Incorporated since 1979, Tropicana Corporation Bhd became one of the fastest growing developers with diversified business interest including property and resort development, property investment, manufacturing and...... Read More

Issue 17/2014

Masters of Their Craft

An art as much as it is an occupation, film making has long been welcomed by societies around the world as both a source of entertainment and information. From the days of the shadow puppets to the current visual treats in 3D, these story-tellers are responsible for crafting interesting.......

James Lee
Born Lee Thim Heng in the picturesque city of Ipoh, Perak, James Lee is revered as one of the pioneers of the Malaysian Digital Film movement. Originally trained as a graphic designer, James is a self-taught filmmaker...... Read More

Issue 17/2014

Blogging In Vogue

Long before our lives were taken over by social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, blogs occupied a prominent space among the online community. It began as a form of self-introspection and expression, much like an online diary read by the public. Soon.......

Behind Michiekins is Michelle Ooi, who is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, stylist, writer and art teacher. She is also the creative director of her own brands: The-Kins, Michelle Ooi Collection and FabulousiTEE......
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Issue 17/2014

Lush & Lavish Tranquility

Escaping the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle every now and then is the ultimate fantasy for every urbanite trapped in an endless cycle of commitments and deadlines. It has even been proven that taking a break to relax and re-energise both the mind and body is essential in avoiding burnouts and.......

Pangkor Laut Resort
Carved in a privately-owned island located three miles off the West Coast of Malaysia, Pangkor Laut Resort is the only accommodation on the island, leaving the rest of the land for guests to explore. Only a fraction of the island’s 300...... Read More

Issue 17/2014
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